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Who we are

ISAIC stands for Industry Sandbox & AI Computing, a not-for-profit cloud provider serving the industry in Western Canada. ISAIC offers a secure environment featuring Virtual Machines equipped with CPU, GPU, and Storage options—all priced affordably—
to facilitate the development of Proof-of-Concept (PoC) and Minimum Viable Products (MVP) for various data and AI/ML projects.

What sets us apart from other cloud providers?

No egress fees

We ensure that you can access and transfer your data without incurring additional costs.

Your Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

With ISAIC, the IP rights to your creations remain yours.


Our services are compatible with a wide range of technologies, giving you the freedom to choose the best tools for your project.

Local Presence

We are proudly based in Edmonton, providing a local option for cloud services.

Full Range of Cloud Compute Services

Standard CPU (4 Cores, 16GBs of RAM, 100GBs Disk Storage)

At ISAIC, we have a host of high-end AMD and Intel CPUs, ideal for General purpose computation, simulation, and HPC programming

Starting at $0.11 CAD hourly

V100 GPU (16GB VRAM) + CPU (8 Cores, 64GBs of RAM, 256GBs Disk Storage)

Each client has access to the latest and fastest storage cards on our compute nodes with the NVMe and SSD technologies!

Starting at $0.82 CAD hourly

A100 GPU (80GB VRAM) + CPU (16 Cores, 64GBs of RAM, 256GBs Disk Storage)

Our GPUs are coupled with high memory multi-channel RAM of up to half a TeraByte for fast data transfer and processing!

Starting at $1.91 CAD hourly

GPUs As Low As $0.82 CAD Hourly

Each client has access to the latest and fastest storage cards on our compute nodes with the NVMe and SSD technologies !


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Experience ISAIC’s Extensive Capabilities


ISAIC’s Cloud Advantages


Get access to high performance computing machines.


ISAIC offers competitive pricing compared to the commercial hyper scalers


Tailored solutions, scale up or scale down to meet your project needs.


Multi-platform freedom with containerization technology, no vendor lock-in.

Cloud Experts

ISAIC expert team manages the GPUs, CPUs, and virtual machines.


Located in Edmonton, Alberta, ISAIC resources are located in multiple university data center locations.


Before, it takes me a couple of days to get results but with ISAIC's AI cluster, it takes only 15-20 minutes.

Lee Marsh, Stream.ML

I really appreciate the efforts and time to help us create the VM and the access to supercomputers.

Salah Al-Heejawi, University of Alberta

"With ISAIC, we can multiple GPU parallelism to train multiple auto ML models and test their performance in a timely fashion"

Lee Marsh, Stream.ML

"ISAIC has saved us hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars in cloud computing costs on our project and it has definitely saved a non-negligible amount of hours in time (labor) because we don't have to administrate it constantly."

Loren Dueck, Farmer's Edge

Comprehensive Information about ISAIC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are You Located?

ISAIC servers are distributed across two data centers in Edmonton Alberta Canada. One at the University of Alberta main campus and one at Enterprise Square campus in downtown Edmonton ensuring optimal disaster-proofing of the infrastructure.

How long is the minimum commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment. Our machines are available on-demand per hour, monthly, or annually, depending on your needs.

At what stage should a company connect with you?

ISAIC is ideal for developing, testing and optimizing AI/ML products. ISAIC's clients range from startups to scale-ups or established businesses looking to develop AI/ML products with more freedom.

Who is eligible?

Companies of any size and any industry registered in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba).

Do you only work with Alberta based SMEs?

Our focus is to work primarily with SMEs based in Western Canada. For companies in robotics, quantum and nano-technologies, companies are eligible national-wide. ISAIC also has experience working with academic-industry partnerships which can be 

Is it easy to move in and out of ISAIC servers?

Yes, with containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, which are enabled on ISAC servers, models and products can easily transfer between platforms, and there are no egress fees. You have freedom of choice.

Do I keep my Intellectual Property fully?

Yes, you keep all your Intellectual Property

Is data securely stored on your servers?

Yes, the data is protected through several layers of security with firewalls, encryption, etc

How to contact you if I have specific questions?

Please complete the contact form on the “Contact” page.

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