Powering the A.I.mbition of Western Canadian businesses

ISAIC helps businesses, innovators, instructors and learners accelerate and transform their AI & machine learning projects, to accelerate the commercialization of AI solutions across Western Canada.


ISAIC helps businesses, innovators, instructors and learners accelerate and transform their AI & machine learning projects, to accelerate the commercialization of AI solutions across Western Canada.

We offer local high-performance computational resources & equipment in our AI Garage, a secure environment for data driven collaboration in our Data Sandbox and access to top tier compute support and AI knowledge or talent through our strategic partnerships in our Applied Knowledge Hub.

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ISAIC powers your AI projects by enabling you to train and deploy AI/ML models faster, saving you time and money on your project. Our equipment and resources provide benefits that can give you a competitive advantage in getting your solutions to market:


Access what you need, when you need it for the right duration

Advanced Technology

Get access to leading technology (cloud, GPUs, CPUs, storage) without having to keep up with the exponential pace or price tag of computational development


Providing custom solutions to identifying product-market fit or grappling with messy data. Scale your projects up or down anytime


Affordable laddered rates to reduce risk and to support businesses, and startups (and no data ingress/egress or hidden fees!)
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Confidence that systems administration, maintenance, and IT support is taken care of by our friendly team of experts


Data stays local and is housed in a trusted institution adhering to top standards for privacy and security. Trust that your data and projects are secure


Bringing together various disciplines - entrepreneurs, researchers, instructors, operators, domain professionals, associations (if you want to go far, go together)


Save time on delivering projects with our high performance equipment and resources.

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AI Garage offers businesses, innovators & learners who are exploring AI or taking on AI-related projects, access to a secure on-demand or a dedicated cloud computing environment where they can start their AI and machine learning projects and take them to the next level. Whether you're seeking to develop a solution using AI, or looking to achieve optimization or innovate within an industry, we have an environment to power your project. Our combination of high-performance computational resources can be tailored to meet any project need.

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Data Sandbox

ISAIC’s Data Sandbox provides secure, customizable, and contained environments for data science projects and machine learning. Our Sandbox allows startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) instructors and researchers collaborating with industry, a space to work together on projects or experiment on novel projects in a data-safe and low-risk virtual environment.

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Applied Knowledge Hub

Get connected to solutions to address your unique AI challenges. Whether you're just starting with AI and ML or are an experienced professional, there are considerations and solutions provided in our community that can help ease your path to success when faced with challenges.

ISAIC works with you to optimize your computational foundation while navigating you to the right resources within our ecosystem that will work through common challenges in AI adoption such as identifying product-market fit or grappling with messy data. ISAIC organizes a variety of development workshops, applied sessions, hackathons and events designed for collaboration and learning. We are focused on building a connected community of doers and enablers that can help each other learn about applied AI and build innovative solutions.

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Get Involved

Interested in getting involved in accelerating the A.I.mbition of companies across Western Canada?

Join our community! Become a peer mentor or mentee, sponsor an applied AI challenge or hackathon, offer a scholarship for a student on their AI learning path, or simply attend our upcoming events. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter to help share our updates.