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Access a Community Of Knowledge And Support

The journey of adopting AI/ML into your organization can be challenging. Whether you’re just starting with AI and ML or are an experienced professional, there are many considerations and decisions to make along the way, and the solutions provided within our community can help ease your path to success when faced with challenges.

We help navigate you to the right resources within our ecosystem that will get you through common challenges in AI adoption such as identifying product-market fit or grappling with messy data. We are focused on building a connected community of doers and enablers that help each other learn about applied AI and build innovative solutions.

Fuel Your AI Knowledge & Expand Your Support Network-Peer Problem Solving And Mentoring

  • Chat - whoever can best answer your questions, an AI practitioner, systems administrator or engineer
  • Tips and tricks - schedule your back-ups, or nudges for best practice
  • Tutorials - get pointed to pre-existing code, videos, or other references for support
  • Workshops & Learning -practical learning sessions for immediate applicability, publicly accessible mentorship and or topic specific events in the local startup community.
  • Coffee Sessions & Networking - Ongoing coffee sessions within our community to stay in touch, candidly talk shop and build relationships. A great jumping off point to collaborations and identifying how to match solutions to challenges.
  • Training & Upskilling - from online tutorials, applied industry fellowships, short term courses to full credentialled university programs, ISAIC can objectively match your needs with learning opportunities
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Access To Skilled Talent To Help Build Your Team

  • Capability match-making - For shorter-term projects, or when looking for a part-time professional we can match you with the appropriate talent
  • Problem-solving mash-ups - share your challenges and we will set up a relevant and unique focus group to work it through; students, researchers, business and domain experts in a timed session to dig deep for your success
  • Advisor/ expert / peer review - think of it as an anonymized online pitch session, you submit the details of your project, they ask and advise with the candidness you need to learn quickly
  • Reverse pitch or case competitions - if you have a business problem and/or data you think can use or benefit from AI, pitch it to the community - closed fashion or publicly, our community has the tools and resources to turn ideas into a reality.
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Whether your challenge is technical or business-related, we will work with you directly, and tap into key regional and local ai expertise to find you a mentor, or suggest learning sessions to enable you to take the next step.

Some examples of challenges ISAIC has helped with include:


Accessing technical talent for a business AI project


Integrating AI solutions into an existing business


Maximizing infrastructure configurations to accelerate AI modelling


Connecting you to existing AI start-ups, businesses, researchers and/or capacity that address your challenge

Take The Next Steps With ISAIC

AI Adoption Framework

A practical AI Adoption framework from the perspective of a business to help you make sense of the AI journey and real-world considerations.

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AI Education

Reach out to our team about free online resources or course offerings delivered by local ecosystem partners. We’re happy to discuss your learning goals and provide objective suggestions.

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