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applied ai 2024 isaic
05 June 2024 - 2-minute read

Applied AI as ISAIC’s Panel Discussion at Upperbound 2024 Conference

What would it take to build an AI-based solution? Recent news showed various AI investment plans around the world.

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insight 2023 by isaic
02 March 2023 - 2-min Read

INSIGHT 2023 by ISAIC: Building Blocks of AI Innovation

On Thursday, Feb 23, 2023, we held our first community event: INSIGHT 2023

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server isaic ai
23 August 2022 - 2-min Read

Clinisys, Farmer’s Edge, Stream.ML: How ISAIC Helped Three AI/ML Startups

ISAIC proudly provides computational resources and infrastructure to drive

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hackathon nathacks isaic uofa
28 July 2022 - 3-min Read

NeurAlbertaTech & ISAIC: A Conversation About natHACKS 2022

ISAIC: Welcome Eden.

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edmonton city skyline innovation
26 May 2021 - 3-min Read

Leading AI Industries in Western Canada

According to a

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