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Applied AI as ISAIC’s Panel Discussion at Upperbound 2024 Conference

What would it take to build an AI-based solution? Recent news showed various AI investment plans around the world. With the growing interest to learn AI/ML, ISAIC presents a panel discussion on Applied AI. This event was part of the annual Amii’s conference called Upperbound.


On May 22nd, 2024, more than 25 people gathered at Enterprise Square to watch Applied AI: Developing Solutions for Today’s Challenges. Amr Omar, the Head of AI of Precision AI arrived from Saskatchewan, as he got ready for the exciting conference. Together with Geoffrey Shmigelsky from One Cup AI, both AgTech companies planned presentations on the next few days.


Questions Around Challenges Faced by Tech Companies

While discussing the challenges, Mehadi Sayed from Clinisys emphasized on data analysis. Ten years ago, Clinisys found more information through data analysis, which shifted the project’s direction. Meanwhile, Nir Katchinskiy from Pulse Medica commented that the opposite could happen as well. There would be times when ideas are ideated, yet data was not there in the market.

Part of the questions discussed was about ethics and regulations. Amr mentioned that transparency holds us accountable to clients. Being transparent about the methodology involves them in the loop and thus, minimizes the risks. However, Quinn Goretzky from Rogue 7 has worked with oil and gas, water, and other utility companies. It is important to work together with regulators in order to optimize the work.


Engaged Audience Asked Real Problems to the Panelists

The panel received some questions from the engaged audience. One of them was from Shanrath, a mechanical engineering student from the University of Alberta, who was curious about the AI adoption in AgTech. Geoff mentioned that educating his clients can be challenging, because One Cup AI had to explain what AI can and cannot do. This reminded us about Ford’s transport innovation: the question is how best to explain a car to horse carriage users.

At the end of the panel, Archna from Prairies Can asked about ISAIC’s impact from the panelists’ perspective. Mehadi mentioned that ISAIC has helped Clinisys and others in saving resources, enabling innovators to test their solutions. Amr was satisfied with the fast response and customer service provided from ISAIC’s tech team.


Watch the Full Discussion on ISAIC's YouTube

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ISAIC is Critical for Our Tech Community

"I cannot name any commercial vendor, that would be not right, but any commercial vendors that provide cloud-based technologies are non-competitive in front of ISAIC because this is local infrastructure, much more affordable in pricing, and much more powerful than you can just keep on adding on cloud-based services and you will come to know how many thousands of dollars you may spend in a month especially when dealing with big data." - Mehadi Sayed, Clinisys EMR Inc.

"For us, the support is even more important than the cost, because our problem is seasonal so it means sometimes we need to have a solution before tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to fly in the field and if we fix something [in the code] yesterday and we miss that window we will have to wait until the next growth stage which can be next week or the next two weeks. Fast support was significant for us, thank you!" - Amr Omar, Precision AI

"We use ISAIC to solve our problems, build a PoC (proof-of-concept) then an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and get it going. If we didn’t have the resources at ISAIC it would have been much harder for us to solve many problems we’ve solved in animal care. We’re not looking for ISAIC to be our scaling platform, we're looking for it to be our R&D platform." - Geoffrey Shmigelsky, One Cup AI

"For us, it was getting something local here. I think the big thing for us was the security certification, so again I’m not the expert on my team I would bring the CTO over here to talk about this, but one primary reason was this: the security aspect of patient data and patient information we were kind of concerned about what happens if I put it on Google cloud or AWS and somebody has to get access to that so that was a really big rationale for us to do that and the other piece was cost to support R&D for sure that was another big rationale." - Nir Katchinskiy, PulseMedica

"So if you have ISAIC you have access to this wonderful asset: Go for it! Use it! Do all your R&D, and get up to speed as quickly as you can instead of using AWS and other assets out there." - Quinn Goretzky, Rogue7