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AI Garage offers businesses, innovators, instructors and learners who are exploring AI or taking on AI-related projects access to a secure cloud computing environment where they can start their AI and machine learning projects and take them to the next level. Whether you’re seeking to develop a solution using AI, achieve optimization, or innovate within an industry, we have an environment to power your project.

Think of ISAIC’s AI Garage as your virtual workbench for experimenting and iterating with data where you have access to the right tools, equipment, reference manuals, practice gurus and a local community available to support taking your machine learning project to the next level.

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“Having a dedicated machine that is always ready to use makes more possible for us. Our team was able to run a lot of experiments that may have not been so simple as logging on to ISAIC’s virtual environment and running the tests. It allows us to go in when we do want to try something and test it, and it's simple.”
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“Our analytics AI/ML side significantly developed from 0 to 50% of our business/product line. That is proof of what ISAIC’s ecosystem (of support) and infrastructure can provide.”


AI Garage Tools:

ISAIC’s AI Garage has many tools and resources for you to work with. Our computational foundation is scalable and secure with proven cloud computing resources such as CPUs and GPUs dedicated to you as virtual machines. You choose your cores, and then add your

Operating System(s)

Ubuntu 1804 , Ubuntu 20.04

Machine Learning Libraries

Torch, TensorFlow, Keras

Programming Language(s)

Python, Java, Go, CUDA, C++, Ruby

Data Organization

Reporting and Dashboards

The Storage

Ephemeral, or object

Our Software

Leverage open software via GitHub, consider university procured options or host your own licensed, or proprietary software

Optional Admin Supports

Snapshots to capture your progress, onboard and offboard progressing from where you left off

In-Person Supports

The crew of administrators, navigators and engineers for systems, data, and domains that can answer questions and connect resources

Trials of Leading Equipment

Raspberry Pi, World-class GPUs, TPUs, and NPUs

AI Garage Resources:

ISAIC is a one-stop-shop for peer-problem solving and mentoring

Our Software

Virtual, in-person, or through the chatbot

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Optional Admin Supports

Schedule your back-ups or guidance for best practice

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In-Person Supports

Practical learning sessions for immediate applicability

Follow us on Twitter for lists of events and workshops

Trials of Leading Equipment

ISAIC can objectively match your needs with learning opportunities. These include online tutorials, applied industry fellowships, short-term courses to full credentialled university programs.

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