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ISAIC’s Data Sandbox provides secure, customizable, and contained environments for data science projects and machine learning. Our Sandbox allows startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) instructors and researchers collaborating with industry, a space to work together on projects or experiment on novel projects in a data-safe and low-risk virtual environment.

Uncover Data Insights

Within your provisioned environment, proprietary data, as well as data from various sources, can be ingested, aggregated, and processed. By linking datasets together or analyzing them, powerful insights begin to emerge.

Collaborate And Experiment Safely

Invite multiple partners and collaborators into your data sandbox and work on projects together. Your data sandbox is a safe environment to test and experiment on novel ideas. Snapshots of your environment can be requested to create recovery points to revert safely back to. Take part in opportunities to sponsor hackathons, where we invite the technology community to help solve your business challenges.

Secure, Private And Customizable

Your sandbox can only be accessed by yourself and your authorized collaborators with an encrypted access key. The environment and resources can be tailored to your needs and can be provisioned with dedicated or on-demand access.